MONDAY, 29/5/2023
On Monday, we woke up at about 7:00 a.m. In the time until breakfast (7:30 am) we got ready and then went to breakfast in our dining room. The breakfast was excellent, besides traditional Turkish dishes and tea, there were also other dishes such as scrambled eggs and lots of fruit. After a delicious breakfast, we set off for new adventures. We went to their cultural center located in Kepsut. Due to the earthquake that happened 4 years ago, they lost their school, now they use a cultural center for teaching purposes, and the school is being rebuilt. In the cultural center, we first had presentations on recycling prepared by the participants. After the presentations, we went to see their traditional sport called “oil wrestling”. We got hot there, despite the wind, because wrestling starts with applying oil to the body. Then they tested themselves in pairs and showed us their knowledge. In the next hour, we went to the dormitory where the girls live and took a look at the premises. After the tour, we went back to the cultural center, where we had a delicious and plentiful lunch. Creative workshops followed, in which we all tried our hand. We discovered new manufacturing processes for various products, oil paintings and interesting manicures. This is how we learned about the concrete possibilities of recycling materials. After the workshops, we went back to the hotel, where we didn’t stay very long. We decided to explore Balikesir town center. At the beginning, we went shopping in the shopping center and had refreshments. We took a public bus to the city center, where we had a delicious dinner in a restaurant. The day was beautiful and educational, because we learned that it is always necessary to try something new and meet new friends.