FRIDAY, 2/6/2023
On Friday, we got up very early, already around four o’clock. We packed our last things and said goodbye to our hotel in Balikesir. Together with our friends from Poland and Turkey, we went by bus to the city of Istanbul. We drove for four hours. First, there was a Bosphorus tour, i.e. a boat trip along the Bosphorus strait, which is the border between Europe and Asia. The friendly guide introduced us to both sides of Istanbul, told us some facts and interesting facts about Turkey and the way of life then and now. After the tour, we took the bus to Sultanahmet Square. There we saw the obelisk and the palace where the sultans lived and walked past the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Since we were already very hungry, we went to a nearby traditional restaurant. We happily ate rice, čevapčiče and a traditional Turkish dessert. Then we walked to Topkapi Palace, where we saw many weapons, jewelry and living quarters from the time of the Sultans. This was followed by an independent tour of the city center, where we really felt the pulse of the multi-million city, which impressed us. Later, we visited the bazaar, where we bought souvenirs and gifts for our families. As it was time to head to the hotel, we took the bus to our new accommodation. When we arrived, we said goodbye to the project co-participants and our hosts-students and teachers from Turkey, who headed back to Balikesir. We also had to say goodbye to the students and teachers from Poland, as they left the hotel very early. Before leaving, we exchanged contacts on social networks and took one last selfie. After saying goodbye, we checked into a 5-star hotel and went to a nearby shopping center for dinner. When we got back to the hotel, we were already very tired and went to bed.