TUESDAY, 30/5/2023.
We started the day with breakfast, which was at half past eight. At half past eight we went to the cultural center and started the workshop. We made soap. First, we mixed sodium hydroxide and water in a glass. The solution became very hot, it was 90 degrees Celsius. We had to stir it until the temperature dropped to 40 degrees Celsius. Then the solution was slowly poured into the already used oil. We had to stir the mixture for 20 minutes until it became thicker. We poured the mass into silicone molds and added rosemary or any other flower to them as desired. After the workshop, we had a break for coffee or Turkish tea and homemade local snacks. After breakfast, we each had to write some slogans on our own paper, write them in the Slido app and later we voted for the best slogan. The winning slogan was written by a Slovenian student. We wrote the slogan in large letters on a large piece of cloth. This was followed by an outdoor group photo. We took the bus to a restaurant for lunch. Lunch was traditional, very tasty and plentiful. We continued our journey by bus to DMG. There they told us something about waste management in Balikesir. After the presentation, we had some free time and used it to play games on the computer or TV. We went to the viewpoint above the town of Balikesir. The view of the city was wonderful. We drove to the waste dump. We had to wear helmets and jackets. We saw a lot of waste there and they showed us the plans they have by reusing this waste to generate energy. Then we drove to the hotel and had an hour to rest. After resting, we took the bus to the city. There were many shops there, so we bought something nice as a souvenir. We arrived at the hotel around eight o’clock. Then we had to prepare a short evaluation of the day, which we presented in one of the rooms. After that, we summarized the impressions of the day and went to sleep.