WEDNESDAY, 30/5/2023
In the early hours of the morning, we all gathered in front of the hotel and went on a day-long outreach excursion. First, we visited the animal shelter, where animals are fed with excess discarded food. This is how we learned about a very vivid example of sustainable behavior in the environment and an example of perfectly organized care for animals. This was followed by a tour of the agricultural development center of the Balikesir region, which is engaged in researching sustainable possibilities for food production, especially herbs. They grow herbs, make teas, salves, essential oils and explore the possibilities that the region can offer for sustainable development in agriculture. We tried several types of herbal teas, including geranium tea. They welcomed us very nicely and also gifted us with sustainable packages for our loved ones. After that, we went to a remote island on the Aegean Sea called Cunda island. We spent a pleasant afternoon on the island, which is connected to Ayvalik by a bridge. There are many stone houses on the island, the remains of windmills adorn the image of small island settlements. It is a protected natural area known for its biotic diversity. We used the afternoon to visit the beach and swim in the sea. We visited a small, traditional, picturesque village, where immigrants from Bosnia still live according to tradition. The evening gathering took place at the viewing platform “Devil’s Feast”, where we watched the sunset and took many photos. It was already known to the ancient Greeks. With pleasant memories of a wonderful excursion and all-day socializing, we continued our journey towards Balikesir. In the meantime, we tried some typical Turkish food for dinner. Late in the evening we exchanged impressions and went to rest.