THURSDAY, 1/6/2023
As every day, we went to breakfast at 7:30. After breakfast, we drove to Kepsut. We had workshops in the cultural center where together with the group we had to make an awareness poster in the Canva application. We were divided into three groups and each group had to make four posters and share them in the WhatsApp group. Then we had a “coffee break” or, in Slovenian, a break for individual needs. After the break, the mayor of Kepsuta visited us. As an important person, the mayor came accompanied by three policemen, he also had his own driver and photographer. It is customary in Turkey that when an important person visits someone, everyone stands up to show their respect. Their friendly mayor brought us a package of chocolates, which is a souvenir of mobility in Turkey. We took a few more photos with him. We then headed into town for lunch, which was excellent and plentiful as always. After lunch we visited the mosque. The men had to wash their hands, then their mouth, nose, forehead, right arm up to the elbow, left arm up to the elbow, hair, ears, nape of the neck, right leg and then the left arm. Women had another entrance, into the church building. They had to take off their clothes, put on a long skirt with a low waist and a headscarf. In our free time, we went to see the city and had ice cream. Then we went to the Turkish bath. There we changed into bathing suits and separated into men and women. Two women awaited us in the warm room, and one man awaited the men. They poured water on us and massaged us all over with a cloth. Then we visited the shared pool, where we had fun. We went back to the hotel, there we had dinner together with Turks and Poles. Since it was the last evening we spent together with our friends, we had fun and danced. We also learned Turkish and Polish traditional dances. After the party, there was a cake, it was chocolate and delicious, and of course there was a picture of our Erasmus group on the cake. Because we participated a lot, we earned certificates in the end. There we also received gifts from Turks and Poles. Around eleven o’clock we went to the rooms where we had a rest. Despite many different activities, thursday was beautiful and unforgettable.