SATURDAY, 2/6/2023
After a more than plentiful breakfast, we decided to devote the morning to relaxing activities offered by the hotel. So we went swimming in the pool. After that, we went for lunch. This time we tried traditional Turkish pida, which we really liked. Soon we had to prepare our luggage and a small bus took us to the airport. There, we looked around the huge airport and admired the large stores of renowned global brands, which we rarely see at home. Check-in for the flight went without any problems, we had a little trouble with the weight of the suitcases, as some were almost too heavy. A pleasant flight to Slovenia followed, where we once again had a delicious meal with drinks and spent some time watching movies or playing games. When we arrived in Ljubljana, we were happy to hear the local language and soon we also saw our vans for transportation to Cankova. At Cankova, after a two and a half hour drive, we were met by our parents and friends, who made us very happy. This concluded our pleasant and unforgettable Erasmus+ experience. We shared our first impressions with great enthusiasm and went to rest.